Special Issue for Zooarchaeology


Special Issue
Zooarchaeology in Anthropological Perspective

Biological anthropology has rapidly developed in recent years, entering a new stage to better understand our ancestors’ physical and pathological traits in history. The development of biological anthropology is not limited to studies on human remains collected from archaeological sites. Rather, various kinds of specimens of parasites, insects, and animals are also the subjects of bioanthropological studies. Despite the trends, there has not much opportunity for bioanthropologists to see the outcomes of zooarchaeology from anthropological perspectives. 

Anatomy and Biological Anthropology (former: Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology) therefore decide to publish a special issue under the title “Zooarchaeology in Anthropological Perspective”. This special issue dedicated to this attractive subject will improve our understanding of the domesticated or wild animals over time, as well as their interaction with human society in history. We look forward to the participation of many zooarchaeologists around the world.

The manuscript should be submitted to http://www.jops.co.kr/ojms/kpaa/article/submit/instruction

no later than Jan 31, 2020

*In the cover letter of your paper, it must be specified that your manuscript is submitted to a special issue of Animal Science in Anthropological Perspective


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