My Lab Publication Updates: Sep 2019

E2019-1. Lee HJ, Kim YJ, Shin DH, Shinde V. Traumatic injury in a cranium found at Rakhigarhi cemetery of Harappan civilization as anthropological evidence of interpersonal violence. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Volume 23, February 2019, Pages 362-367
E2019-2. Lee HJ, Hong JH, Kim YJ, Hong Y, Shin DH and Slepchenko S. Caries, antemortem tooth loss and tooth wear observed in indigenous peoples and Russian settlers of 16th to 19th century West Siberia. Arch Oral Biol. Volume 98, February 2019, Pages 176-181 
E2019-3. Slepchenko S, Kardash O, Ivanova S, Afonin A, Shin DH, Hong JH. The Bukhta-Nakhodka 2 burial ground: first results and macro-remains analysis of samples from the burial grounds of the 6th to 13th centuries on the Yamal Peninsula in Russia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. SCOPUS
E2019-4. Dong Hoon Shin, Myeung Ju Kim, Raffaella Bianucci, Robert D. Loynes, Hisashi Fujita. Current Trends in Studies of Ancient Diseases. Biomed Research International. [Editorial]
E2019-5. Slepchenko SM, Hong JH, Oh CS, Gusev AV, Fedorova NV, Shin DH. Medieval mummies of Zeleny Yar burial ground in the Arctic Zone of Western Siberia. PLoS ONE 14(1): e0210718.
E2019-6. You-Soo Kim, Kang-Woo Lee, Jisoo Kim, Young-Chun Gil, Tansatit Tanvaa, Dong-Hoon Shin, Hee-Jin Kim. Regional thickness of facial skin and superficial fat: Application to the minimally‐invasive procedures. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
E2019-7. Hong JH, Oh CS, Seo M, Shin DH. Analysis of COI and ITS2 regions of DNA obtained from Paragonimus westermani eggs in ancient coprolites on Joseon dynasty mummies. Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz [Original]
E2019-8. Kim DH, Shin DH and Hwang YI. Effects of alternate dissection on anatomy learning. Anat Cell Biol. 2019 Mar;52(1):69-75.
E2019-9. Jong Ha Hong, Chang Seok Oh, Jong-Yil Chai, Min Seo, and Dong Hoon Shin. Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit 1, Internal Transcribed Spacer 1, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydrogen Dehydrogenase Subunits 2 and 5 of Clonorchis sinensis Ancient DNA Retrieved from Joseon Dynasty Mummy Specimens. Journal of Korean Medical Sciences 
E2019-10. Hong JH, Oh CS, See M and Shin DH. Genetic analysis of small subunit ribosomal RNA, internal transcribed spacer 2 and ATP synthase subunit 8 of Trichuris trichiura ancient DNA retrieved from the 15th to 18th century Joseon Dynasty mummies’ coprolites from Korea. Journal of Parasitology [Original] 
E2019-11. Slepchenko S.M., Kozlov A.I., Bugmyrin S.V. and Shin D.H. Comparison of helminth infection among the native populations of the arctic and subarctic areas in Western Siberia throughout history: parasitological researches on contemporary and the archaeoparasitological resources. Korean Journal of Parasitology. (in press)
E2019-12. Won Jun Lee, Yong Jun Kim, Eun Jin Woo, Nilesh Jadhav, Pranjali Waghmare, Yogesh Yadav, Avradeep Munshi, Amrithavalli Panyam, Malavika Chatterjee, Jong Ha Hong, Caroline M. Wilkinson, Dong Hoon Shin*, Vasant Shinde*. Reconstructed Faces of the Ancient Harappan Civilization People. Anatomical Science International (in press)
E2019-13. Slepchenko SM, Kardash OV, Tolmacheva DS, Ivanov SN. Archaeoparasitological Analysis of Samples from the Cultural Layer of Nadym Gorodok dated Back to the 14th – Late 18th Centuries. Korean Journal of Parasitology. SCIE 
E2019-14. Min Seo, Jong-Yil Chai, Jong Ha Hong, Dong Hoon Shin. Archaeoparasitological results of Paragonimus westermani to revisit Dr. Allen’s report about hemoptysis patients in the late 19th century Korea. Korean Journal of Parasitology Special Issue

K2019-1. 신동훈, 신은경. 생물 인류학 연구와 관련 지어 본 조선시대 나병 환자의 삶과 죽음. 해부생물인류학.
K2019-2. 오창석, 신동훈, 김용근, 박준범. 인류학적 조사 후 옛 사람 유해를 유족에게 반환한 사례에 대하여. 해부생물인류학. 
K2019-3. 오창석, 홍종하, 신동훈. 강원도 영월에서 발견된 고려시대 사람뼈에 대한 유전학적 분석. 해부생물인류학. 
K2019-4. 홍종하, 신동훈. 유전학적 연구결과를 중심으로 살펴본 동북아시아 소의 기원과 확산. 한국상고사학보. 

KB2019-1. 신동훈, 김용준, 오창석, 홍종하. 인더스 문명 유적 조사보고 (1). 8년에 걸쳐 이어진 인도 고고학 현장의 한국팀 발굴조사 이야기. 한국의 고고학. 42호. 주류성
KB2019-2. 신동훈, 김용준, 오창석, 홍종하. 인더스 문명 유적 조사보고 (2): 라키가리 유적 발굴 조사 전말. 한국의 고고학. 43호. 주류성
KB2019-3. 신동훈, 김용준, 오창석, 우은진, 이혜진, 홍종하. 인더스 문명 유적 조사보고 (3): 라키가리 유적에서 찾은 남녀 합장묘. 한국의 고고학. 44호. 주류성. 
KB2019-4. 홍종하, 김용준, 김지은, 정용화, 신동훈. 제3회 동남아시아 고고학회 및 제7회 일본 동물고고학회 참관기. 한국의 고고학. 44호 주류성. 


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