Special Issue of Paleoparasitology

Special Issue of Paleoparasitology
A global perspective on ancient parasites: Current research projects

Organized by Min Seo, Karl Reinhard, Dong Hoon Shin

Using a variety of recently developed research techniques, paleoparasitological research has rapidly developed in recent years, entering a new stage to better understand our ancestors’ parasitic infections across the world. Despite these achievements, there has not much opportunity for archaeoparasitologists to gather and share in-depth opinions. For this reason, the 14th International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA) held in Korea (Aug 19-24, 2018; EXCO) have provided very meaningful opportunities for the researchers concerned. The sessions were organized by archaeoparasitologists under the unified theme of "A global perspective on ancient parasites: Current research projects". In the sessions, many great studies were presented for parastologists, archaeologists, and paleopathologists from South Korea as well as many countries worldwide. To commemorate this event, the Korean Journal of Parasitology has decided to publish a special issue under the title "A global perspective on ancient parasites: Current research projects." The issue specially dedicated to this attractive subject will improve our understanding of the history of parasites and parasite population diversity over time, as well as the natural and anthropogenic conditions that contribute to parasite emergence and maintenance in human groups. We look forward to the participation of any paleoparasitologists around the world.

The articles for this special issue is under review. The publication will be made in early 2020. KJP is indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded.

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