[Publication] A historical approach to syphilis infection in Korea

Our paper, "A HISTORICAL APPROACH TO SYPHILIS INFECTION IN KOREA" is published in Acta medico-historica Adriatica : AMHA

From the end of the 15th century, syphilis spread worldwide, posing a serious threat to public health. Venereal syphilis has been a major research topic, not only in clinical medicine but also in paleopathology, especially because it is a disease of questionable origin and of high prevalence until the discovery of antibiotics. Syphilis in history has been studied extensively in Europe and the Americas, though less so in Asia. In this review, based on extant historical documents  and  available  paleopathological  data,  we  pinpoint  the  introduction  and  trace  the spread of venereal syphilis in Korea to the end of the 19th century. This review provides fundamental  information  that  will  be  of  great  help  to  future  research  on  pre-20th  century  syphilis in Korea.


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