SEAMEO SPAFA Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology

A session of “The 3rd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology” Bangkok, Thailand (June 17-21, 2019)

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Conveners: Dong Hoon Shin and Yong Jun Kim

This session aims to bring together researchers from Asia to discuss diverse aspects of Early Asian societies; daily life, health, social institution, ritual landscape and complex relationship between urban and rural societies. The movement of people, goods and resources keep in close connections. It is said that everyone has clear idea on what cities are, but still far unclear how big it should be. Today in Switzerland, urban areas are more than 10,000 inhabitants, while in Iceland, populations of several hundred for urban. Thus this session will touch upon different views on what urban is in Early Asia. Almost all ancient cities had rural origin as gradual evolution process, and then vast non-urban landscape next to them. Comparative analysis on the urbanization as transformation is welcome to this session. One of important aspects between urban and rural societies is ecology closely related with population density. It is common sense that health is an important factor, thus this session will discuss on ecology and health of inhabitant of urban and rural societies. The social aspect on how people conduct their daily lives and keep life values is another important issue. Not only people, goods and resources but also social norms and rituals had been on move between, but there were certain distinction between them. This session is open for social and ritual landscape of urban and rural societies in Early Southeast Asia.


Titles and lead authors for S05 session are available here


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