[Session Chair and Presentation] The 8th Asia Pacific International Congress of Anatomists (APICA)

I am organizing the physical anthropology session for upcoming The 8th Asia Pacific International Congress of Anatomists (APICA) that will be held in Busan, Korea in October 28-31, 2018.

Session Title: Physical Anthropology


Hisashi Fujita (Niigata College of Nursing, Japan; E-mail: rxh05535@nifty.com)
Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University, South Korea; E mail: cuteminjae@gmail.com)
Myeung Ju Kim (Dankook University, South Korea)

Accepted Presentation: 

- Fujita, H. (Niigata College of Nursing, Japan) and Oba A.: Preliminary report on artificial trepanation found in skulls of ancient Egyptians.
- Kim Kyung Yong, Kim Kijeong, Hahn Seungho, Chung Yoonhi, Lee Wonbok. (Chungang university, South Korea): mtDNA haplogroup prediction tool for fragmented DNA samples.
- Hye Jin Lee (Ministry of National Defense Agency KIA Recovery & Identification): Traumatic signs of Rakhigarhi site, India
- Jong Ha Hong (Seoul National University): Parasite aDNA of Korean mummies
- Shiori Fujisawa (Aomori Chuo Gakuin University): TBD
- Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University): Arctic mummies in Salekhard


Abstract Submission: 01 June - 31 July, 2018
Early Registration: 01 June - 31 August, 2018
Standard Registration: 01 September - 15 October, 2018
On-site Registration: 28 October - 31 October, 2018


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