Invited Speech: Fossils and Ancient Genomics Symposium in China

I was invited to "Fossils and Ancient Genomics Symposium" hosted by China National GenBank as an invited speaker-.

The conference will be held on Tuesday, 17 April, 2018, in China National Genebank, Shenzhen, China.

Scientific topics include • New methods for ancient DNA processing • Archaeological discoveries • Ancient genomic analysis on non-human species • Origins, migration and introgression of humans

Abstract Title :
My experiences of scientific studies on archaeological specimens in South Korea

The experts from various research fields made an interdisciplinary collaboration on the biological specimens obtained from archaeological sites in South Korea. To catch vivid aspects of the ancient people’s heath and disease status, archaeologists, historians and bioanthropologists in this country continued to collaborate each other, which was proven very benefit in that the data obtained from the collaboration is otherwise unobtainable by conventional archaeological or historical studies alone. Even though there are before us many unresolved problems and technical difficulties, we can be optimistic about the prospects of this collaborative study. I will fully describe about the interdisciplinary collaboration in South Korea, by which the particular glimpse of ancient people and society could be shown, clearly based on the scientific evidences.


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