New Executive Members of Korean Academy of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology

Korean Academy of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology (KAPO) politely notify that new executive committee members are elected on December, 2017. The term of new committee is 2018-2020. Newly elected directors are Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University, for president, Soong Deok Lee (Seoul National University, for vice-president, Sunyoung Pak (Seoul National University, for auditor and Eun Jin Woo (Sejong University, for secretary. KAPO was founded in 2012, having played an important role in exchanging opinions among paleopathologists, holding regular academic meetings, and making advice or proposal on government policies concerning paleopathological or bioanthropological researches in South Korea. With the launch of the new executive committee, KAPO hopes to do active collaboration with paleopathologists from all over the world.

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