Paleoparasitology Session in ICOPA 2018

[Article] Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Bos taurus bone collected from ruins of the Joseon Period in a tributary of the Cheonggyecheon creek, South Korea

[Article] Horse-riding accidents and injuries in historical records of Joseon Dynasty, Korea

[Article] From excavation site to reburial ground: a standard protocol of mummy studies in South Korea

[Lecture] Introduction to Bioinformatics for the Researches of Anatomy and Cell Biology

[Article] The presence of sharp-edged weapon related cut mark in Joseon skull discovered at the 16th century market district of Old Seoul City ruins in South Korea

[Article] Helicobacter pylori DNA obtained from the stomach specimens of two 17th century Korean mummies

[Article] Ancient Soil-Transmitted Parasite Eggs Detected from the Sixth Century Three Kingdom Period Silla Tomb

New Executive Members of Korean Academy of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology