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Book Chapter in "Ancient Ink: The archaeology of tattooing"

I m joining in the contribution of the chapter, "THE MUMMIFICATION PROCESS AMONG THE ‘FIRE MUMMIES’ OF KABAYAN: A PALEOHISTOLOGICAL NOTE" to "ANCIENT INK: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF TATTOOING (University of Washington Press), along with Drs. Dario Piombino-Mascali, Ronald G. Beckett and Orlando V. Abinion.

Lecture Notice: Central Nervous System and Behavior


Collaboration: Institute for Problems of the Development of the North, Russia (2017)

● This project will undergo under the agreement of MOU between Institute for Problems of the Development of the North (Russia) and Institute of Forensic Science, Seoul National University College of Medicine (South Korea) ● Date: July 1 – July 31, 2017 ● Research contents: The main subject of our research is comparing the anthropometric data of two ancient or medieval populations from different geographic regions. Some of human collection in Institute for Problems of the Development of the North belongs to hunter-gatherers while Joseon Dynasty human collection is mainly of agriculturalists. The anthropological examinations will be conducted on the skeletal series of both institutes using metric and nonmetric methods, mainly focusing on skulls. We will also do the paleoparasitological works in collaboration with Dr. Sergey Slepchenko. ● Future Plan after Research: Publication of the data in qualified scientific journals (co-authorship shared by Russian and Korean scientists). Make a r…

Lecture Notice: 2017 Research Methods in Anatomy

2017 Research Methods in Anatomy
for Graduate School, Seoul National University College of Medicine

2017 해부학연구법 수업계획표 (잠정)

과목번호: 801.520
과목명(국문): 해부학연구법
과목명(영문): Research Methods in Anatomy
일시: 매주 수요일 저녁 6시 – 8시 50분
장소: 해부학교실 회의실
책임 교수: 신동훈 (740-8203)
담당 지원: 홍종하 (740-8199)

성적: 출석-20, 과제-20, 기말고사-40, 학습태도-20

주차 날짜 내용 담당교수

1주 3/8 오리엔테이션
2주 3/15 (강의) 형태학적 관찰을 위한 조직의 채취 신동훈
3주 3/22 (실습) perfusion 및 각종 조직 채취, paraffin embedding 이동섭
4주 3/29 리포트 제출
5주 4/5 (실습) paraffin section 만들기 이동섭
6주 4/12 (실습) frozen section 황영일
7주 4/19 (실습) 일반화학염색; HE 외 황영일
8주 4/26 (강의) 면역조직화학의 이론; 고정액, 조직처리방법, 발색제 등 이왕재
5월 3일 석탄일 휴강
9주 5/10 (실습) 면역조직화학염색 이왕재
10주 5/17 (실습) 현미경 조작 및 촬영 신동훈
11주 5/24 (강의) FACS analysis 김항래
12주 5/31 예비일
13주 6/7 (강의) 실험 통계 신동훈
14주 6/14 (강의) 생명정보학 입문 신동훈
15주 6/21 시험