Paleoparasitology Session in ICOPA 2018


We are organizing the "Paleoparasitology session" for upcoming ICOPA 2018 meeting (Aug 19-24, 2018). 

Abstract can be submitted to (The deadline of abstract submission is April 15, 2018).

When you will submit the abstract for the paleoparasitology session, please contact one of the people below who are working for the successful organization of this session.

Dong Hoon Shin:
Alena Iniguez:

Session: A global perspective on Ancient Parasites: Current Research Projects-1
Organizer: Reinhard K. and Iniguez A.M.

1) Mitchell, P.D., Ledger, M.L., Grimshaw, E., Fairey, M., Ballantyne, R., Knight, M. (Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK): Intestinal parasites at the Bronze Age marshland pile dwelling village at Must Farm, UK (920-790 BC). 
2) Karl Reinhard (University of Nebraska, USA) 
3) Morgana Camacho (FundaçãoOswaldo Cruz, Brazil) 
4) Elisa Pucu de Araujo.
5) Alena Mayo Iñiguez (InstitutoOswaldo Cruz FIOCRUZ, Brazil)
6) Ledger, M.L., Stock, F., Schwaiger, H., Ladstätter, S., Mitchell, P.D. (Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK; Institute for Geography, University of Cologne, Germany; Schwaiger and Ladstätter - Austrian Institute for Archaeology, Vienna, Austria): Intestinal parasites from public and private latrines at Roman period Ephesus (Turkey). 
7) Matthieu Le Bailly (University of Bourgogne Franche-Comte, France)

Session: A global perspective on Ancient Parasites: Current Research Projects-2
Organizer: Gholamreza Mowlavi and Jean Dupouy-Camet 

7) Mowlavi G (Tehran University of Medical Sciences). Tracking of parasitic infections in humans and animals based on paleoparasitological findings in ancient Iran: do these evidences justify the emerging and re-emerging parasitic infections?
8) Makki M (Tehran University of Medical Sciences). Shahr-e Sukhteh archeological site of the Bronze Age (2800–2500 BC) and paleoparasites in Iran
9) Bizhani N. (Tehran University of Medical Sciences). Human helminth eggs identified from the Parthian dynasty (250 BC) in Caspian Sea littoral of Iran.
10) Paknezhad N. (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) Prehistoric parasites in western Iran.

Session: A global perspective on Ancient Parasites: Current Research Projects-3
Organizer: M. Seo
Keynote Speaker: D.H. Shin

11) Ki HC: Parasitism of Korea from historical perspectives
12) Ivy Hui-Yuan Yeh (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) “The Eradication Campaign Against Oriental Schistosomiasis in China and Neighbouring Regions in the 1940s and 1950s”
13) Hong JH (Seoul National University)
14) Slepchenko S (Russian Academy of Science) and Shin DH: “Intestinal parasites at the Middle age of Far Northe of Western Siberia”
15) Seo M (Dankook University) and Shin DH (Seoul National University)