Guest Editor for the Special Issue on Paleopathology: Anthropological Science

Anthropological Science is the official journal of Anthropological Society of Nippon. The journal is published quarterly in English. On April 2017, the special issue on paleopathology is out. And I join in the special issue work as co-organizer.

Please see my preface and article below;

>>Preface of Special Issue  by Fujita H and Shin DH.

>>Paleohealth based on dental pathology and cribra orbitalia from the ancient Egyptian settlement of Qau by HISASHI FUJITA, HIROTO ADACHI

>>The origin and early spread of the Black Death in Italy: first evidence of plague victims from 14th-century Liguria (northern Italy) by D. CESANA, O.J. BENEDICTOW, R. BIANUCCI

>>Paleopathology in the Piraino mummies as illustrated by X-rays by DARIO PIOMBINO-MASCALI, ALBERT R. ZINK, STEPHANIE PANZER

>>Estimation of parasite infection prevalence of Joseon people by paleoparasitological data updates from the ancient feces of pre-modern Korean mummies by MIN SEO, CHANG SEOK OH, JONG HA HONG, JONG-YIL CHAI, SOON CHUL CHA, YURI BANG, IN GUK CHA, YANG GUN WI, JUNG MIN PARK, DONG HOON SHIN

>>Artificial deformation versus normal variation: re-examination of artificially deformed crania in ancient Korean populations by HYUNWOO JUNG, EUN JIN WOO


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