Summer Research at Tyumen, Russia (2017)

On July 2017, my team will visit Tyumen (Russia), for collaborative study on the human cranium and teeth. Years ago, we signed MOU with Institute for Problems of the Development of the North, Siberian Branch of the Russion Academy of Sciences. Along with Dr. Сергей Слепченко, the researcher of the institute, we will do make a anthropometric study on the ancient bones of both countries (Russia and South Korea). 

# Project 1: Anthropometric Studies on Cranium of West Siberia

● This project will undergo under the agreement of MOU between Institute for Problems of the Development of the North (Russia) and Institute of Forensic Science, Seoul National University College of Medicine (South Korea) 

● Date: July, 2017 

● Research contents: The main subject of our research is (1) comparing the anthropometric data of two ancient or medieval populations from different geographic regions. Some of human collection in Institute for Problems of the Development of the North belongs to hunter-gatherers while Joseon Dynasty human collection is mainly of agriculturalists.The anthropological examinations will be conductedon the skeletal series of both institutes using metric and nonmetric methods,mainly focusing on skulls. (2) We will also do the paleoparasitological works in collaboration with Dr. Sergey Slepchenko. 

● Future Plan after Research: Publication of the data in qualified scientific journals (co-authorship shared by Russian and Korean scientists). Make a report to Institute for Problems of the Development of the North (Russia).  

# Project 2: Archaeological anthropology in iron-age burial of West Siberia

Date: July 2017 
Brief Summary of Research: The main subject of this research is joining in the excavation of archaeological site of burial mound (Chepcul 9) at Andreevskaya Lakes system; and doing the paleoparasitological and anthropological works by collaboration between Russian and South Korean researchers. 
Investigation of the burial mound (Chepcul 9): It located about 30 km from Tyumen, in Andreevskaya Lakes system. The site belongs to Sargatskaya (or Sargatka) culture (Саргатская культура) culture, Early Iron Age of West Siberia. During the excavation, we will stay at the camp. As the site is a burial mound, the possibility to find human remains is high. One to two S Korean archaeologists will join in the excavation, doing work under the control of Russian counterparts. S Korean archaeologists will get the soil samples for doing paleoparasitological works. The study will be done in collaboration with Dr. Sergey Slepchenko. When human remains will be exposed during excavation, S Korean anthropologists can join in the analysis of the case (implemented at the request of Russian counterpart).  

The Institute for Problems of the Development of the North, Tyumen


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