Poster Presentation: 25th Federation Meeting of Korean Basic Medical Scientists

Our paleoparasitological work will be presented in 25th Federation Meeting of Korean Basic Medical Scientists (Jun 30, 2017, Seoul)

Historical details about the meat consumption pattern and taeniases during Joseon period

Dong Hoon Shin, Jong-Yil Chai, Jong Ha Hong, Min Seo

Previous paleoparasitological study on Korean mummy specimens proved that the prevalence of Taenia spp. during the Joseon period was not much different from those of the early 20th century Korean population. However, when meat consumption patterns that must have been closely related to the taeniases was studied in the historical documents of Joseon period, we found that Joseon people did not eat much pork than we thought; but the consumption of meat was mainly concentrated in beef. The trend might have changed in Korea only around the 18th to 19th century when the pork started to have been enjoyed more than before. This fact is contrary to our preconception that beef consumption in the Joseon Dynasty was not common because the cattle slaughter was strictly prohibited during the period. As pork consumption did not have surpassed beef consumption even until recently, we should re-consider to some extent in estimating the exact cause of taeniases among the pre-20th century Joseon population.


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