2017 Korea-Japan Paleopathology Forum, Tokyo, Japan

Korean Association of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology (S Korea) and Japanese Association of Paleopathology will hold the Korea-Japan Paleopathology Forum on October, 2017.

Date: 2017/10/21

Venue: Tokyo (University of Tokyo)

Podium Presentations:

1. Eun Jin Woo, Hyunwoo Jung, Sunyoung Pak (Yonsei University College of Dentstry): Paleopathological study of a probablecase of treponematosis in a Joseon dynasty population.

2. Hiroshi Iijima, Shinji Harihara, Hitoshi Sumi, Kageyasu Takanashi, Yumi Ueda, Hata Junpei, Yohei Ishizawa, Lim Chun Ren, Ryo Matoba: DNA extaraction from ancient cremated bones using non-powdering sample pre-treatment method.

3. Jong Ha Hong, Chang Seok Oh, Min Seo, Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University): DNA Sequences of 18s rRNA and ITS2 genes obtained from ancient Trichuris trichiura eggs remained in Joseon Dynasty mummy coprolites.

4. Manabu Uetsuki: Horses in medieval Japan: paleopathological evidence of various usage.

5. Chang Seok Oh, Jong Ha Hong, Hyejin Lee, Soong Deok Lee, Dong Hoon Shin, and Eunju Lee (Seoul National University): First detection of Helicobacter pylori ancient DNA in Korean mummies.

6. Erdene Myagmar: Large-joint osteoarthritis in Xiongnu and medieval period skeletal samples from Mongolia.

Poster Presentations:

1. Myeung Ju Kim, Jong Ha Hong and Dong Hoon Shin (Dankook University): Anatomical Confirmation of the Joseon Mummy's Hearts Visible on Computed Tomograph Images: The Radiological Basis of Paleo-Cardiology.

2. Hye Jin Lee, Jong Ha Hong, Yong Jun Kim, Yeonwoo Hong, Dong Hoon Shin and Sergey Slepchenko (Ministry of National Defense Agency KIA Recovery & Identification): Dental Health Indicators of Different Ethnic Groups in 16th to 19th Century Asian Continent.

3. Tetsuaki Wakebe, Kazunobu Saiki, Keiko Takamura, Kazunori Tashiro, Yoshiatsu Naito, Toshiyuki Tsurumoto: A case of a stone spear embedded in the second lumbar vertebral body -Okinoharu Yayoi ruins, Amakusa, Japan-.

4. Sumi, H., Tanaka, M.,Yamada, Y., Ihara, K., Ito, S., Harihara, S.: Descendants of indigenous Jomon people are much more than those of later emigrating Yayoi people in Hida in Central Japan; Analysis by mtDNA.

5. Shiori FUJISAWA, Yumiko OYABU, Hisashi FUJITA: The early modern human bones indicating a feature of DISH.

6. Hisashi Fujita, Moe Oguma and Kaori Eguchi: Frequency and cause of conical teeth in skeletons from Japan's Edo Period.


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