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Annual Meeting of Korean Association of Anatomists

Date: Oct 19-21, 2016
Venue: Yangyang, South Korea

>>Abstracts of My Lab

(1) The genetic analysis on ancient Ascaris discovered from archaeological sites in South Korea.

Chang Seok Oh1, Jong Ha Hong1, Min Seo2, Dong Hoon Shin1

1Department of Anatomy, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea
2Department of Parasitology, Dankook University College of Medicine, Korea

In paleoparasitological study, the genetic research on ancient Ascaris found in archaeological samples is very useful for physical anthropologists to elucidate the ancient-to-modern secular changes in parasitic infection pattern. However, the data on ancient Ascaris obtained up to now were too insufficient to reconstruct comprehensive evolutionary history of Ascaris spp. In this regard, we tried to get in much information on the genetic traits of ancient Ascaris by molecular studies on the archaeological samples. We analyzed Ascaris ancient DNA with various mul…

New Executive Members of Korean Academy of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology (KAPO):

박순영서울대 인류학회장이숭덕서울대 법의학부회장김명주단국대 해부학부회장신동훈서울대 해부학감사김이석이화여대 해부학재무신경진연세대 법의학상임위원김재현동아대 고고미술사학상임위원서민단국대 기생충상임위원이원준국립과학수사연구원상임위원차순철동국문화재연구원상임위원장유량국방부유해발굴감식단상임위원우은진연세대 치과대학총무
한국고병리연구회 임원이 위와 같이 위촉되었습니다. 
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Summary of International Collaboration between India and South Korea

I am deeply indebted to Dr. Vasant Shinde’ efforts for making the collaboration much fruitful. 2010: Nov: Dr. Shinde visited us by Prominent International Scholar Invitation Program 2011: Feb: Oh CS visited archaeological sites in India; Nov: Shin DH and Oh CS attended at ICTS Mini Workshop “Future of the Past” at Mangalore. 2012: Jan: Shin DH visited multiple archaeological sites of Harappan civilization; July: Dr. Shinde visited South Korea, for examining the megalith culture of the country; Oct: Oh CS visited Deccan College, Pune. Setting up the archaeological science lab under Dr. Shinde’s care. 2013: Feb: Shin DH visited Deccan College, Pune. Doing experiment in Dr. Shinde’s lab; July: Ms. Astha Dibyopama visited Seoul National University. She did experiment in my lab for 3 weeks; Nov: Dr. Shinde visited South Korea. Signing MOU with Institute of Forensic Science, Seoul National University; and with Research Centre of Dolmens in Northeast Asia, South Korea; Dec: Hong JH visited …

WAC8: Our Session on Paleopathology in Asia

Dr. Eun Jin Woo (Yonsei University)
Dr. Lanka Ranaweera (University of Kelaniya)
Dr. Hisashi Fujita (Niigata College of Nursing) and I 
Dr. Aiko Saso 
Dr. Yumiko Oyabu (Doigahama Site Anthropological Museum)
Dr. Helen Cho (Davidson College, US)
Chair the session T10-O
My presentation on Paleoradiology in S Korea
Dr. Shiori Yonemoto (Kyushu University)