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New Article in Popular Magazine for Korean Archaeologists

My article about Paleoparasitology is published in popular archaeology magazine "Unearth" in S Korea. As the information about the studies on ancient parasitism has been very rare among archaeologists in S Korea, I hope to write about the introduction to paleoparasitology, being used as a stepping stone to much in-depth studies of this field. 

World Archaeology Congress Session T10-O "Paleopathology in Asia"

Aug 30, 2016 14:20-18:40 PM Doshisha University, Kyoto Organizers:    Hisashi Fujita (Niigata College of Nursing) Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University) Sub-session 1: Current topics of bioarchaeology Helen Cho et al.  Mandibular and palatine tori in Joseon dynasty skeletal remains Chang Seok Oh et al.  Studies on Ancient Parasite DNA from Archeologically Obtained Human Coprolites Yumiko Oyabu  Paleopathological research of traumas of human skeletal remains of Doigahama site, Yayoi period in Japan. Shiori Yonemoto  Musculoskeletal Stress Markers (MSMs) in Jomon Hunter-gatherers and Yayoi Agriculturalists in Japan: Interregional variations in subsistence strategy and in division of labor based on sex. Lanka Ranaweera and Gamini Adikari.  Talking fossils: pathological evidences in human skeletal remains from Sri Lanka Sub-session 2: Paleopathology today  Eun Jin Woo et al.  Paleopathological Study of a Probable Case of Leprosy in

Mummy Congress in Peru

Session #5 With the presenters of Session #5 With Shenia and Elisa from Brazil We joined in the 9th World Congress on Mummy Studies (Peru, Aug 8-13, Lima).  We presented four podium works and one poster in the meeting. I did chair works for Sessions #5, #7, #8 and #14.  Links to: Symposium 5: Host-parasite relationships and diseases: lessons from the past (Aug 10, 2016) Symposium 7: Ancient bodies: the interplay between ancient culture, spiritual beliefs and mummification (Aug 11, 2016) Symposium 8: Mummies and textiles (Aug 11, 2016) Symposium 14: From autopsy to diagnostic imaging and metagenomics: guidelines, levels of evidence and medical data (Aug 12, 2016)