[New Presentation] Kantikumar A. Pawar et al. for World Archaeology Congress (WAC-8)

Existence of Megalithic Dolmen in Central India and Their Cultural Comparison with Other Asian Countries

Megaliths and Megalithism are world phenomenon known for the characteristic mode of burial construction and ritualistic offerings is found all over the South Asia and also different parts of the world but their architecture, cultural  associations and chronology differs. In South Asia, concentration of these burials have been found mainly in the countries like India, China, Korea and Japan. Bewildering typology of these burials also differs and divided into two broad categories as Sepulchral and Non-Sepulchral based on their external and internal characteristic feature. The Megalithic burial tradition or this Megalithism associated with different cultural epoch in different countries. In Europe Megalithism associated with the Neolithic Age whereas in Korea it has been find as part of Bronze Age Culture. Legacy of this ancient burial tradition is still continued amongst the native tribal groups of many countries including India, Indonesia, etc. There is heated debate over the century about its origin, migration and the chorology when compare with different geographical landscapes


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