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Ongoing Lecture: Advanced Anatomy of the Nervous System

First Semester/2016; for Graduate Students; 801.511; Credit: 3

MOU made with Institute for Problems of the Development of the North/SB RAS/Russia

Memorandum of Understanding for International Collaboration on Research of Ancient Archaeological Remains was made between Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Problems of the Development of the North, Tyumen, Siberia, Russia and Institute of Forensic Science, Seoul National University College of Medicine, 103 Daehak-ro (Yongon-dong), Jongno-gu, Seoul 03080, Republic of Korea (South Korea). IPDN SB RAS and Institute of Forensic Science/SNU recognize that the mutual collaboration in research related to the development in archaeological and forensic sciences will bring benefits to academic affairs of both sides. As the human and animal remains obtained from both countries still remained to be more studied in depth, we hereby intend to pursue international collaboration in research, supporting the development of techniques and skills in the fields of areas as mutually agreed.

Study on Korean mummy introduced in

The study on Korean mummies in my lab is reported in The story talks about the scientific and cultural significance of Korean mummy studies. Dr. Katja Flieger , the MD-journalist in Germany reports it.

Papers presented in WAC8, Kyoto

For abstracts were submitted to World Archaeology Congress-8 (Aug 28-Aug 2, Kyoto). Major author' name is bold-typed; Presenter's name is underlined.   Radiological Techniques for an Effective Paleopathological Studies in South Korea Hyejin Lee , Dong Su Yoo, Chang Seok Oh, Jong Ha Hong, Dong Hoon Shin Bioanthropology and Paleopathology Lab, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea Ministry of National Defense Agency KIA Recovery & Identification, Seoul, South Korea Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Dankook University College of Medicine, Chonan, South Korea Over the past several years, to obtain the clues for more comprehensive understanding of the biological aspects of pre-modern Korean people in history, radiological technique has been applied to the ancient human remains obtained from the archaeological sites in the country. In fact, though radiology becomes well-established technique for a correct diagnosis of pathological signs

Excavation in Rakhigarhi on March

My lab performed excavation in Rakhigarhi/India for Feb 19 to Mar 8 (Hong JH); Mar 4 to Mar 13 (Shin DH), 2016. The excavation is supported by National Geographic Foundation. The Camp site in Rakhigarhi About the project this time for Rakhigarhi is as follows: 1. For many anthropologists worldwide, nothing is more important than the inhabitants of the Harappan (Indus Valley) civilization. In fact, there have been a number of spirited debates on the IVC. Some have contended that it might have been part of Harappan society, while others have disputed that. In previous investigations, researchers were unable to draw any definitive conclusions on the question of the in situ continuity of the Harappan people’s biological traits. Meanwhile, the health and disease status of the Harrapan people also has long attracted anthropologists’ interest. For the time being, the Harappan people, in their biological and anthropological aspects, remain shrouded in mystery.   2. Th

2016 신경해부학특강(801.511) 수업계획표

일시 : 매주 금요일 오후 4 시 - 7 시 ( 강의 12 회 및 실습 3 회 ) 장소 : 해부학교실 회의실 책임교수 : 신동훈 (740-8203); 이지연 (740-8205) 담당조교 : 오창석 (740-8193) 성적 : 출석 -20, 과제 -20, 기말고사 -40, 학습태도 -20   1 주 : 3/11: Orientation 이지연 2 주 : 3/18: Warming Up - 1 ( 강의 ) 신동훈 3 주 : 4/1: Warming Up - 2 ( 강의 ) 신동훈 4 주 : 4/8: Warming Up - 3 ( 강의 ) / 실습 제 1 일 신동훈 5 주 : 4/15: Limbic system / Basal ganglion/ Topology of Cerebral Hemisphere / 실습 제 2 일 신동훈 6 주 : 4/22: Histology of Nervous System / 실습 제 3 일 / 리포트제출 신동훈 7 주 : 5/6: Brain Stem 이지연 8 주 : 5/13: Cranial Nerves / Reticular Formation 신동훈 9 주 : 5/27: Cerebellum 이지연 10 주 : 6/10: Fundamentals of Clinical Neuroanatomy: 이지연 11 주 : 6/24: Embryology of Nervous System: 이지연 12 주 : 시험

2016학년도 서울의대 학부 및 대학원 참여 강의

2016학년도 학부 및 대학원 강의 서울대학교 의과대학 책임강의: 대학원_고병리학연구의 최신지견 (연건) 801.2607 대학원_신경해부학특강 (연건) 801.511 참여강의: 대학원_신경과학의 원리 (관악) 3391.507 대학원_해부학연구법 (연건) 801.520 학부_인체해부학 (연건) M1923.004500 학부_기초신경과학 (연건) M1923.005200 학부_호흡기학 (연건) 801.214A

New Publication

My paper " Effectiveness of Coupled Application of AmpFℓSTR Yfiler Kit and Reduced Size Y-chromosomal Short Tandem Repeat Analysis for Archeological Human Bones " is finally published in Journal of Forensic Sciences .