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Invited to Editorial Board of Journal "Ancient Asia"

I am invited to to the journal Ancient Asia , E-ISSN: 2042-5937 ( ), a peer reviewed journal of Society of South Asian Archaeology ( ) published by Ubiquity Press, UK. I will play a role based on my expertise in Archaeology/Anthropolgy.

Call for Papers: Special Section for Paleoparasitology in Korean Journal of Parasitology

The manuscript should be submitted to E-submission no later than May 31, 2016 *In the cover letter of your paper, it must be specified that your manuscript is submitted to a special section for paleoparasitology of KJP E-submission to Sample copy in

경희대 한국고대사/고고학 연구소 초청강연회


Call for Papers:

Dear friends, I opened " Paleopathology in Asia" session (Co-chaired by Dr. Hisashi Fujita) at World Archaeology Congress 2016 (Aug 28-Sep 2, 2016). Please submit your abstracts. About the session: LINK For submission of abstracts: LINK For early registration: LINK

Abstracts of My Lab for Lima Mummy Congress in 2016

Below are the abstracts of my lab for Lima mummy congress in 2016. >> Invasive technique in accumulation of knowledge for a better non-invasive studies on mummies > Myeung Ju Kim Dong Soo Yoo, and Dong Hoon Shin  Bioanthropology and Paleopathology Lab, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea Scholars in South Korea, like those in the other countries, always care about the minimal damage to mummies while studying on them by various scientific methods. To reduce such   destructions, non-invasive technique has been applied to the mummies as a top priority of examinations. Radiological technique becomes a main research tool for any of mummy studies around the world, for seeing the preservations status of their internal organs and getting any clues for medical diagnosis. Although the academic importance of non-invasive technique for mummy studies is unquestionable nowadays, however, it still has many drawbacks because this method (for instance CT