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Organizers: Dong Hoon Shin, Jana Jones, and James Vreeland

Mummies and Textiles: Archaeological and Scientific Approaches

Abstract: Mummies discovered worldwide become one of the most invaluable resources for studying on health and disease status of human populations in different time and space perspectives. Using the mummies and relating samples, invaluable information could be obtained successfully, by a variety of scientific techniques. However, they are not only the subject we could talk about mummies. Rather, very unique remains could be acquired from the sites where mummies have been discovered. Of them, it is the ancient textiles that get the most attention. In fact, different kinds of textiles used for clothing, ornament or simple patches could be collected from mummies discovered in the world. By studying on them, we can get very crucial clue for reconstructing textile history in each country, very helpful to comprehend the vivid aspects of human lives before 20th century. Although there were a number of fascinating reports about the mummy-relating textiles from every corner of the world, the comprehensive review on the findings has not been presented yet.

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