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Call for Papers:

Symposium Draft for World Archaeological Congress in Kyoto, 2016

Paleopathology in Asia

Symposium Abstract: Paleopathology becomes very important for studying on health and disease status of pre-modern peoples around the world. Upon human remains obtained from excavation sites, we have done analysis with various scientific techniques, getting biological information very meaningful even to the archaeologists. Though there is a long history of paleopathology and plenty of data has been already accumulated in Europe and Americas, however, very few information is available only for ancient human remains from Asian archaeological sites. In fact, considering that Asia was the cradle of great ancient civilizations, this is very regretful situation because the deficiency of paleopathological data means that our understanding of pre-modern Asian peoples’ lives is very superficial. In this regard, we hope to get the chance of comprehensive discussion on the current trends in paleopathological stu…