About My Research..

As scientists studying ancient specimens from archaeological sites worldwide, we have the practical experience and technical expertise absolutely essential to the success of the proposed research.
1. Bioanthropology and Paleopathology: We have performed anthropological studies on ancient samples from South Korea, Egypt, Hungary and France, including: histological analyses on ancient cremated and mummified tissues; population studies on stature, the Harris line, dental caries, and vertebral osteophytes based on ancient Korean skeletons; investigations of diseases of ancient peoples (atherosclerosis, Cherubism, tuberculosis, periostitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and of various conditions (diaphragmatic hernia, gunshot wound, bone fracture, etc.)

2. Radiological studies on 16th-18th century mummies from South Korea: We successfully performed 3-D forensic facial reconstruction of archaeologically obtained skeletal remains.
3. Paleoparasitological study: We have examined coprolites and soil sediments from archaeological sites in determining the prevalence of specific parasitic infections among ancient populations.

4. DNA and stable-isotope analyses: Human-mitochondrial, autosomal and Y-chromosomal analyses have been performed on ancient DNA (aDNA) samples obtained from archaeological sites. Ancient viral, bacterial and parasite aDNA also have been scrutinized. We have published the first reports ever on hepatitis, Trichuris, and Paragonimus aDNA, among others.
5. International collaboration: Since 2011, our lab has worked with Dr. Shinde’s within the Department of Archaeology, Deccan College, India. In that time, we have performed parasitological, stable-isotope, and aDNA analyses on samples from archaeological Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) sites.


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