Report about Rakhigarhi study by Tribune (INDIA)

On Apr 14, our study on 5,000 year old Rakhigarhi site, under the collaboration with Dr Shinde (Deccan College), was reported by Tribune (INDIA).


"Pune’s Deccan College in collaboration with the Haryana Archaeology Department and Seoul National University, South Korea, have been carrying out excavation at the site since January 23. A forensic team from Seoul led by Professor Dong Hoonn Shin will arrive in July to process the sampling of the skeletons for obtaining the DNA...."

Jadhav said: “The skeletons of two adult males, a female and a child have been found. With the help of forensic experts, we will try to reconstruct their DNA. We tried doing the same with the help of a Japanese anthropologist five years ago, when a Harappan-era graveyard was discovered at Farmana village in Rohtak district, but failed. Now, scientists from South Korea, equipped with advanced technology, will attempt to reconstruct the DNA.”.......

Forensic experts led by a South Korean scientist will attempt to reconstruct their DNA to decipher the history and origin of the settlement....

The same news was reported by BBC (UK): LINK TO THE BBC ARTICLE
and by Independent (UK): LINK TO INDEPENDENT


  1. Sir, it is truly great to see that there is growing awareness towards this Crucial Study related to Indian and also Indo-European History!. I think with time more and more people will start to understand the importance the study has.

  2. I found this also:)-
    //Ancient skeletons found in India provide new insight into mindset of world's earliest humans//
    Though not well composed i'm afraid.

  3. Sir,here another and this time from Pakistan!-
    //Skeletons found in India dating back to subcontinent period//

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  5. Again!:) This Time from Malta cited in the International News-
    and South Africa!-
    //5 000-year-old skeletons found in India//
    I will keep digging;)


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