Publications in 2013-2015

E2015-1. Oh CS, Koh B-J, Yoo DS, Park JB, Min SR, Kim Y-S, Lee SS, Ge J, Seo SB and Shin DH. Joseon Funerary Texts Tested Using Ancient DNA Analysis of a Korean Mummy. Anatomical Record. (in press)

E2015-2. Arguelles P, Reinhard K, and Shin DH. Forensic Palynological Analysis of Intestinal Contents of a Korean Mummy. Anatomical Record (in press) 

E2015-3. Astha Dibyopama, Youngjun Kim, Chang Seok Oh, Dong Hoon Shin and Vasant Shinde. A Review of Burial sites in India: with special reference to Harappan Civilization. Korean J Phys Anthropol 2015 Mar;28(1):1-9. 

E2015-4. Do Sun Lim, Eun Jin Woo, Jae-Hoon Bae, Yongjun Kim, Na Li Lee, Kyung Hwangbo, Chang Seok Oh, Yi-Suk Kim, Soon Chul Cha, and Dong Hoon Shin. Anthropological Study on the Cremated Bones of the Late Silla Kingdom Period in Korean History. the Anthropologists 19(1): 131-138 (2015)

E2015-5. Kim MJ, Kim Y-S, Oh CS, Go J-H, Lee IS, Park W-K, Cho S-M, Kim S-K, Shin DH. Anatomical Confirmation of Computed Tomography-Based Diagnosis of the Atherosclerosis Discovered in 17th Century Korean Mummy. PLOS ONE : e0119474. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0119474

E2015-6. Myeung Ju Kim, Min Seo, Chang Seok Oh, Jong Yil Chai, Jinju Lee, Gab-jin Kim, Won Young Ma, Soon Jo Choi, Karl Reinhard, Adauto Araujo, Dong Hoon Shin. The paleoparasitological study on the archaeological samples from prehistoric and ancient shell‐midden sites of Korea. Quarternary International (in press)

E2015-7. Chang Seok Oh, Min Seo, Jong Ha Hong, Jong Yil Chai, Seung Whan Oh, Jun Bum Park, Dong Hoon Shin, Ancient Mitochondrial DNA Analyses of Ascaris Eggs Discovered in Coprolites from Joseon Tomb. Korean Journal of Parasitology 2015;53(2):237-242

E2015-8. Oh CS, Lee SD, Kim Y-S, Shin DH. The Use and Effectiveness of Triple Multiplex System for Coding Region Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Mitochondrial DNA Typing of Archaeologically Obtained Human Skeletons from Joseon Tombs. BioMed International (in press)

E2015-9. Chang Seok Oh, Soong Deok Lee, Kyung Jin Shin and Dong Hoon Shin. A Coupled Use of AmpFℓSTR Yfiler PCR Amplification Kit and Multiplex Primers for Large-Sized Loci is Beneficial for Authentic Y-chromosomal Short Tandem Repeat Analysis on the Archaeological Human Bones. Journal of Forensic Science (in press)

E2015-10. Kim Y-S, Lee IS, Oh CS, Kim MJ, Cha SC and Shin DH. Calcified Pulmonary Nodules Identified in 350-Year-Old-Joseon Mummy: the First Report on Ancient Pulmonary Tuberculosis from Archaeologically Obtained Pre-modern Korean Samples. Journal of Korean Medical Science (in press)

Dong Hoon Shin, Sang-Yuck Shim, Hoon Jin Jeong, Myeung Ju Kim, Mi-Hyun Lee, Ka Young Kim, In Hak Lee, Gyongtaek Kim, Jong Yil Chai, Chang Seok Oh, Min Seo. A paleoparasitological study on the capital area of the ancient Korean Kingdom. Journal of Parasitology (Under Revision)

B2015-1. Seo M and Shin DH. Parasitism, cesspits and sanitation in East Asian countries prior to modernization. In: Sanitation, Latrines and Intestinal Parasites in Past Populations, edited by Piers D. Mitchell. 2015. Farnham: Ashgate  

Despina Moissidou, Jasmine Day, Dong Hoon Shin and Raffaella Bianucci. Invasive versus non-invasive methods applied to mummy research: will this controversy ever be solved? (Under Review)

Jihyun Lee, Hong Xuan Jin, Sohee Cho, V. Shinde, Dong Hoon Shin, Kyoung-Jin Shin, Soong Deok Lee. Y chromosomal deletion pattern in Korean inhabiting Jeju Island. (Under Review)

Shin DH, Oh CS and Kim MJ. Two benign tumor cases from Joseon Korean people skeletal series. (Under Review)

Dong Hoon Shin, Chang Seok Oh, Eunju Lee. Evolutionary Consideration on the Histological Changes in Glucose Transporter Proteins in Developing Mouse Skin. (Under Review)

E2014-1. Seo M, Oh CS, Chai J-Y, Jeong MS, Hong SW, Seo Y-M, Shin DH. The Changing Pattern of Parasitic Infection among Korean Populations by Paleoparasitological Study of Joseon Dynasty Mummies. Journal of Parasitology 2014 Feb;100(1):147-50.

E2014-2. Jaewon Beom, Eun Jin Woo, In Sun Lee, Myeung Ju Kim, Yi-Suk Kim, Chang Seok Oh, Sang-Seob Lee, Sang Beom Lim and Dong Hoon Shin. Harris Lines Observed in Human Skeletons of Joseon Dynasty, Korea. Anat Cell Biol 2014;47:66-72.

E2014-3. Song MK and Shin DH. Joseon mummies identified before bioanthropological studies began in Korea. Papers on Anthropology XXIII/1, 2014, pp. 117–134.

E2014-4. Min Seo,  Adauto Araujo, Karl Reinhard, Jong Yil Chae and Dong Hoon Shin. Paleoparasitological studies on Joseon people of Korea. Korean Journal of Parasitology Vol. 52, No. 3: 235-242, June 2014.

E2014-5. Won Joon Lee, A Young Yoon, Mi Kyung Song, Caroline M. Wilkinson, and Dong Hoon Shin. The archaeological contribution of forensic craniofacial reconstruction to a portrait drawing of a Korean historical figure. Journal of Archaeological Science 49 (2014) 228-236.

E2014-6. Yi-Suk Kim, In Sun Lee, Go-Un Jung; Chang Seok Oh, Dong Su Yoo, Won Joon Lee, Eunju Lee, Soon Chul Cha, Dong Hoon Shin. Radiological Diagnosis of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in 17th century Korean Mummy. PLoS ONE 9(7): e99779. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0099779.

E2014-7. Israel Hershkovitz, Mark Spigelman, Do-Sun Lim, In Sun Lee, Chang Seok Oh, Hila May, Elisabetta Boaretto, Yi-Suk Kim, Soong Deok Lee, Natan Peled, Myeung Ju Kim, Talya Toledano, Gila Kahila Bar-Gal and Dong Hoon Shin. A possible case of Cherubism in a 17th-century Korean female mummy. PLOS ONE 9(8):e102441. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102441

E2014-8. Oh CS and Shin DH. Making Animal Model for Korean Mummy Studies. Anthrop Anz. Anthropol. Anz. 71/4 (2014), pp. 469–488

E2014-9. Dong Hoon Shin, Sang-Yuck Shim, Myeung Ju Kim, Chang Seok Oh, Mi-Hyun Lee, Suk Bae Jung, Geon Il Lee, Jong Yil Chai, and Min Seo. V-shaped Pits in Regions of Ancient Baekje Kingdom Paleoparasitologically Confirmed as Likely Human-Waste Reservoirs. Korean Journal of Parasitology Vol. 52, No. 5: 569-573, October 2014

E2014-10. Yu J-A, Oh CS, Hong JH, Min SR, Oh SW Kim Y-S, Park JB, Shin DH. Stable Isotope Analysis of Joseon People Skeletons from the Cemeteries of Old Seoul City, the Capital of Joseon Dynasty. Anat Cell Biol 2014;47:244-252.

E2014-11. Myeung Ju Kim, Ho Chul Ki, Shiduck Kim, Jong Yil Chai, Min Seo, Chang Seok Oh and Dong Hoon Shin. Parasitic infection patterns as correlated with urban-rural recycling of night soils in Korea and other East Asian countries: the archaeological and historical evidence. Korean Studies (in press)

E2013-1. Oh CS, Lee SJ, Lee SD, Kim MJ, Kim Y-S, Lim D-S, and Shin DH. Amplification of DNA remnants in mummified human brains from medieval Joseon tombs of Korea. Anthrop Anz Volume 70 No. 1 (2013), p. 57 - 81. 

E2013-2. Shin DH, Oh CS, Lee HJ, Chai JY, Lee SJ, Hong D-W, Lee SD, Seo M. Ancient DNA analysis on Clonorchis sinensis eggs remained in samples from medieval Korean mummy, Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (2013) 211-216. 

E2013-3. Kim Y-S, Kim MJ, Yu T-Y, Lee IS, Yi YS, Oh CS and Shin DH. Bioarchaeological investigation of possible gunshot wounds in 18th century human skeletons from Korea. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. Volume 23, Issue 6, pages 716–722, November/December 2013.

E2013-4. Lee E-J, Oh CS, Yim SG, Park JB, Kim Y-S, Shin MH, Lee SD, Shin DH. Collaboration of archaeologists, historians and bioarchaeologists during removal of clothing from Korean mummy of Joseon dynasty. International Journal of Historical Archaeology March 2013, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 94-118.

E2013-5. Shin DH, Oh CS, Shin YM, Cho CW, Seo M. The pattern of ancient parasite egg contamination in the private residence, alley, ditch and streambed soils of old Seoul City, the capital of Joseon dynasty. International Journal of Paleopathology 3 (2013) 208–213.

E2013-6. Kim DG, Kim MJ, Kim Y-S, Oh CS, Lee S-S, Lim SB, and Shin DH. Long bone fractures identified in the Joseon Dynasty human skeletons of Korea. Anatomy & Cell Biology. 2013. 46: 203-209. 

E2013-7. Yoon J, Cho SJ, Ko YS, Park J, Shin DH, Hwang IC, Han SY, Nam SY, Kim MA, Chang MS, Lee HS, Kim WH and Lee BL. A synergistic interaction between transcription factors nuclear factor-¿B and signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion. BMC Gastroenterology 2013 Feb 12;13:29. doi: 10.1186/1471-230X-13-29. 

E2013-8. Seo SB, Jin HX, Lee HY, Ge J, King JL, Lyoo SH, Shin DH, Lee SD. Improvement of short tandem repeat analysis of samples highly contaminated by humic acid. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 20 (2013) 922e928.

E2013-9. Myeong-Ju Kim, Dong-Hoon Shin, Mi-Jin Song, Hye-Young Song, Min Seo. Paleoparasitological survey for the detection of helminth eggs in archaeological sites of Jeolla-do and Jeju-do. Korean Journal of Parasitology. Vol. 51, No. 4: 489-492, August 2013.

E2013-10. Kim Y-S, Kim DK, Oh CS, Kim MJ, Kim H-R, Shin DH. Evidence of Periostitis in Joseon Dynasty Skeletons. Korean J Phys Anthropol Vol. 26, No. 2 (2013) pp. 81~90.

K2014-1. 김이석, 오창석, 김명주, 기호철, 홍지윤, 김시덕, 신동훈. 조선시대 회곽묘에서 확인된 사람 정강뼈에 나타난 톱 자국에 대한 법의인류학적 고찰. 대한체질인류학회지 2014; 27(1): 29-37. 

K2014-2. 우은진, 이원준, 공수진, 신동훈. 학술적 연구대상으로서 고인골의 법적지위에 대한 검토. 2014; 야외고고학 20: 101-126.

K2014-3. 이지현, 김한나, V. Shinde, 신동훈, 이숭덕. Y 염색체 단완 미세결실 유전자검사 사례보고. 대한법의학회지 2014; 38: 116-120.

K2014-4. 기호철, 신동훈, 서민, 채종일. 조선시대 흡충류 감염 기전에 대한 고찰. 대한의사협회지 2014; 57(10): 866-875.

K2013-1. 기호철, 배재훈, 신동훈. 조선후기 한양 도성 내 토양매개성 기생충 감염 원인에 대한 역사 문헌학적 고찰. 의사학 2013; 22: 89-132. 

B2014-1. Shin DH, Oh CS, Kim MJ, You DS and Lee IS. What could radiological study say about Korean mummies? Yearbook of Mummy Studies, 2014. March. Vol. 2. 125-131. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, Scientific publisher, Munchen, Germany. 

KB2013-1. 신동훈, 오창석, 이숭덕. 고DNA 연구의 발생과 전개 그리고 응용. 발굴현장에서 고인골 분석연구실까지. 국립문화재연구소 편.


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