Collaboration with Archaeologists of India

We have made an international collaboration with excellent archaeologists in India, for studying our common interest, scientific investigations on human and animal remains from archaeological sites.  

Nov 2011: Joining in Mini Symposium "Future of the Past" in Mangalore (Shin DH and Oh CS)

Feb 2013: Lab Work in India: by Shin DH: Working in the lab of Deccan College; Microscopic  examination on the samples from archaeological sites in India. 

Jul 2013: Ms. Astha Dibyopama (Deccan College) visited Seoul National University.

Nov 2013: MOU between Deccan College and Seoul National University, for the international collaboration about common interest on archaeological science.

Dec 2013: Participating in Annual Meeting of Indian Archaeological Society (Varanasi) by Hong JH

Jan 2014: Field Work in India: by Shin DH and Hong JH: Collecting animal bones from Rakhigarhi site (under investigation)

Feb 2014: Participating in SOSAA Meeting.

Oct 2014: Dr. Kanti Pawar (Deccan College) visited Seoul National University.

Oct 2014: Participating in Annual Meeting of Indian Archaeological Society (Pune) by Hong JH

Feb 2015: Field Work in India: by Hong JH and Kim YJ; excavation in Rakhigarhi; Animal and Human Bone Analysis; Paleoparasitological Sampling.

Jul 2015: Lab Work in DC: by Woo EJ; Examination of the bones from Rakhigarhi; Taking CT images. 

Mar 2015-Present: The Project: Reconstruction of Harappan People's Life  This project is supported by National Geographic Foundation (from Mar 2016 on).

From Feb 2016 on: "The Joint Project: Drone Flying Over Archaeological Sites" in India Proceed. 

Jan 2016: Special Lecture at ASTRA Meeting. Deccan College, Pune. "Systemized Collaboration of Scientists: A doorstep to Success in Archaeological Investigation" by Shin DH


Excavation Report: Kim YJ, Jadhav N, Waghmare P, Shinde V, Woo EJ, Hong JH, Oh CS, Shin DH. Preliminary Report on the Excavation of Cemetery in Rakhigarhi. 2016. 

Original Article: Astha Dibyopama, Youngjun Kim, Chang Seok Oh, Dong Hoon Shin and Vasant Shinde. A Review of Burial sites in India: with special reference to Harappan Civilization. Korean J Phys Anthropol (in press)


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