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Kavli_Frontiers of Science_Symposium

I am joining in Kavli Frontiers of Science this year as a speaker. The symposium will be held on June 2015. Molecular Paleontology / Paleogenoimcs Organizers: Hee Jung Choi and Keith Slotkin INTRODUCTORY SPEAKER: Beth Shapiro, University of California, Santa Cruz SPEAKERS: Dong Hoon Shin , Seoul National University College of Medicine Sarah Schaack, Reed College

About Fossil Hominid: Neanderthals

Decoding Neanderthals

International Collaborations on Mummies and the Other Archaeological Samples Worldwide

Aregund (c. 515/520-580), a Frankish queen, the wife of Clotaire I, king of the Franks: Histological Analysis/EDS  Egyptian Mummies (Old Kingdom, First Intermediate, Middle Kingdom): Histological Analysis/EDS  

Collaboration with Archaeologists of India

We have made an international collaboration with excellent archaeologists in India, for studying our common interest, scientific investigations on human and animal remains from archaeological sites.   EVENTS Nov 2010: Dr. Vasant Shide (Deccan College, India) visited Bioanthropology and Paleopathology Lab, Seoul National University College of Medicine, South Korea.  Feb 2011: Field Work in India : by Oh CS: Parasitological sampling from Rakhigarhi, Karsola and Farmana etc.  Nov 2011: Joining in Mini Symposium " Future of the Past " in Mangalore (Shin DH and Oh CS) Jan 2012: Field Work in India : by Shin DH: Parasitological sampling from Dholavira, Rakhigari etc.   Jul 2012: Dr. Shinde visited Seoul National University  Oct 2012: Lab Work in India: by Oh CS: Setting up the lab in Deccan College (under the Dr. Shinde's supervision); Microscopic examination on the samples from archaeological sites in India.   Feb 2013:  Lab Work in India :

Publications in 2013-2015

E2015-1. Oh CS, Koh B-J, Yoo DS, Park JB, Min SR, Kim Y-S, Lee SS, Ge J, Seo SB and Shin DH. Joseon Funerary Texts Tested Using Ancient DNA Analysis of a Korean Mummy. Anatomical Record. (in press) E2015-2. Arguelles P, Reinhard K, and Shin DH. Forensic Palynological Analysis of Intestinal Contents of a Korean Mummy. Anatomical Record (in press)  E2015-3. Astha Dibyopama, Youngjun Kim, Chang Seok Oh, Dong Hoon Shin and Vasant Shinde. A Review of Burial sites in India: with special reference to Harappan Civilization. Korean J Phys Anthropol 2015 Mar;28(1):1-9.   E2015-4. Do Sun Lim, Eun Jin Woo, Jae-Hoon Bae, Yongjun Kim, Na Li Lee, Kyung Hwangbo, Chang Seok Oh, Yi-Suk Kim, Soon Chul Cha, and Dong Hoon Shin. Anthropological Study on the Cremated Bones of the Late Silla Kingdom Period in Korean History. the Anthropologists 19(1): 131-138 (2015) E2015-5. Kim MJ, Kim Y-S, Oh CS, Go J-H, Lee IS, Park W-K, Cho S-M, Kim S-K, Shin DH. Anatomical Confirmation of Computed Tomography-Bas