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Our Work on Rakhigarhi....

Our work in Rakhigarhi was reported in Times of India. 

Link to Times of India Article

"Partnering with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and paleoparasitologists from the Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea, scientists from the Deccan College Post-graduate and Research Institute will now try to capture and study the parasite eggs that once existed in the stomachs of those buried during the Harappan era, and ultimately isolate the DNA of their host,...."

"This exercise is part of the fresh excavations that will start in Rakhigarhi from January 12 under the direction of Vasant Shinde, senior archaeologist and vice chancellor/director at the Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute. Some of these archaeologists have already reached ground zero and will begin excavation at 'mound number 4'-- the biggest and the tallest of the seven mounds here......."

"The team of Korean scientists will reach Rakhigarhi on January 25 to begin…