Paleopathology Session of SEAA6

Paleopathology Session would be held in Sixth Worldwide Conference of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (June 6-10, 2014, Ulaanbaatar, Monolia)

Title of Session: New Perspectives of Paleopathology in East Joanna Rogóż
Organizers: Hisshi Fujita, Shin DH and Erdene M

1. Hisashi Fujita (Japan)
Paleohealth of Jomon peoples in Japan from the prevalence of Cribra Orbitalia

2. E. MIJIDDORJ (Mongolia)
Bioarchaeological research of Salkhit site in Northern Mongolia

3. Shiori Fujisawa (Japan) 
Paleopathological study on the skeletal remains of Edo period in Japan

4. Erdene Myagmar (Mongolia)
Dental pathologies in the Bronze Age populations from Mongolia

5. Woo Eun Jin (Korea)
A case of dwarfism from the Joseon Dynasty, South Korea

6. Kim Myeung Ju and Dong Hoon Shin (Korea)
Paleopathological Studies on Korean Human Remains excavated from 17th Century Lime-Soil Mixture Barrier (LSMB) Tomb

7. Lee won-Joon (Korea)
Craniofacial reconstruction from a skull of young female in Neolithic age of Mongolia


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