Paleopathology Session in IPPA meeting

Paleopathology Session in IPPA meeting

Our presentation 

Speakers of the session: me, Li, Woo, Fujita, Oxenham (Drs.)

Paleopathology in Asia session was held in Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Meeting, Cambodia (Jan 12 - Jan 18, 2014, Siem Reap). Three paleopathologists (I, Dr. Fujita of Japan, Dr. Oxenham of Austrailia) do the chairperson roles of this session. 5 articles were presented for this session.

Wine is very cheap in Cambodia

The scene like Tomb Raider..

Other mountain temple of Angkor. 

About the sanitary status of Ancient Khmer Empire?

There were vast areas of water reservoirs or wet lands around Angkor area of ancient Khmer Empire. The structures or areas might have a role in flood control or irrigation etc. during the period. They must have been beneficial to ancient Angkor people. But as so often, it could have also done harm to human health of the time. Vast areas of water reservoirs in one-million people living "ancient metropolitan" could have induced various infectious diseases among the people in the same area. This would be very interesting subject to me,.... because I already make a similar study on the ancient Korean society.

Neak Pean in Baray

 Not so clean in this case (Baray around Neak Pean)

Standstill (Baray around Neak Pean)

Siem Reap river. 
The river flew into the vast areas of reservoirs in Angkor area during rainy season.

About other information on Cambodia, Angkor Wat, and Khmer Empire...


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