Sampling in Rakhigarhi Site Begins

On Jan to Feb, 2014, new collaboration with Deccan College begins. Jong Ha Hong, the graduate student of my lab will stay in Rakhigarhi site, India on Jan 25 to Feb 14. During the period, he, along with Yongjun Kim, would excavate the tombs of the area; and would collect the samples from the site. We would do anthropological, paleoparasitological and molecular studies on the samples, revealing the invaluable clues for health and disease status of human population of Harappan culture, one of the oldest civilization of mankind. I also would join the excavation during the period; and will join in the 5th International Congress Society of South Asian Archaeology (SOSAA).

Jong Ha Hong, the student of my lab, enjoys chai

Searching for the geological strata 

 Rakhigarhi site...excavation by Hong

Hong excavate the site 

Rakhigarhi site 

Rakhigarhi site 

Rakhigarhi site 

 Going home (Courtesy of YJ Kim)

 THE Rakhigarhi site (Courtesy of YJ Kim)

Residence archaeologists stay

Happy meal (Jan 30, 2014)

Excavation site in fog (Jan 30, 2014)


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