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Studies on ancient cremation bones is presented in annual meeting of Indian Archaeological Society

Our work is posted in annual meeting of Indian Archaeological Society as poster presentation. The meeting was held in Varanasi, India (Dec 12-14, 2013).  Before departure Poster presentation Poster Below is the abstract for our presentation..... Anthropological Study on the Cremated Bones  of the Late Silla Kingdom Period  in Korean History Y.J. Kim / D.S. Lim / E.J. Woo / J.H. Bae / N.L. Lee,  K. Hwangbo / C.S. Oh / Y.S. Kim / S.C. Cha / D.H. Shin Cremation burial as practiced throughout many part of Asia disseminate from the recorded funeral of Sakyamuni, the founder of the religion. According to Mahaparinirvana Sutra , the ancient Indian Buddhist script that documents the final days of the Buddha, the founder’s body was cremated on a pyre along with various kinds of precious woods. His relics were collected after the cremation, to be enshrined inside s tupa , his funerary mound. Archaeological evidence of this is rather blurring although man