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Archaeoparasitological works of Chang Seok Oh in India (2012. 10)

오창석 선생이 인도 데칸 컬리지 (Deccan College)를 방문하여 stable isotope analysis, archaeoparasitological study등을 수행하였습니다 (10월 8일- 25일). 아래 사진은 오선생이 현지에서 촬영한 사진입니다. Chang Seok Oh, the PhD candidate of my lab, visited Deccan College for stable isotope analysis and archaeoparasitological studies etc., under the collaboration of Dr. Vasant Shinde (Joint Director, Dept of Archaeology, Deccan College, India). Please enjoy the photos taken during his visits to India. (Oct 8-25, 2012)