From KAPO: Letter to Colleagues

We are happy to make you know about the newly launched Korean Academy of Paleopathology and Osteoarchaeology (KAPO). For the past several decades, by the efforts of pioneering researchers around the world, paleopathology and osteoarchaeology became one of the main parts of the mainstream anthropology at last. Year by year, great researches on paleopathology and osteoarchaeology have been reported in various academic meetings, and published in prestigious science journals, making significant contribution to the development in techniques and skills for studying the health and disease status of archaeologically obtained human specimens.
Such a development could be evidently induced by close communication between the concerned researchers in the academic associations, especially like Paleopathology Association or many academic meeting of physical anthropologists. However, in case of East Asian countries, there has been very few opportunity for anthropologists, archaeologists, and forensic scientists to discuss about pathology of skeleton samples because the scientific association of the related subjects has been very rare. To overcome this, related researchers and specialists in Korea decided to make the first academic organization for paleopathology and orteoarchaeology in Korea. KAPO was officially launched on Oct 29, 2011. And the first academic KAPO meeting was held on Jan 14, 2012. The number of KAPO members is 72 (May, 2012). And 2-year term executive committee is organized. The annual meeting would be held two times a year (Jan, July). The next summer KAPO meeting is slated for July, 2012. Thank you for your future interest in KAPO    

Executive Committee Members

(Term: 2012-2014)

President: Soong Deok Lee (Seoul National University)
Vice-President: Kyoung-Jin Shin (Yonsei University)
Vice-President: Sunyoung Pak (Seoul National University)
Editor and Secretary: Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University)
Treasurer: Yu Ryang Jang (MAKRI*)
For Ethics: Myeung Ju Kim (Dankook University)
For Training and Education: Yi-Suk Kim (Ewha Womans University)
Min Seok Seo (National Institute of Cultural Heritages)
Sang-Seob Lee (National Forensic Service)
Jun Bum Park (Seoul Institute of Cultural Heritages)
Deog-im Kim (Catholic University of Korea)
Chang Seok Oh (Seoul National University)
Eun Jin Woo (Seoul National UNiversity)

*Ministry of National Defense Agency for KIA Recovery and Identification


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