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Farewell to the General

On April 11, 2011, one Joseon general who was dead about 400 years ago retureed to dust after intensive scientific examinations. On November 2007, a male mummy was found within the LSMB tomb located in Gangneung City, Korea. During the reburial process of their ancestors’ age-old tombs into a newly constructed family vault, the members of the Gangneung Choi clan found a very well-preserved ancestor mummy fully wrapped in the clothes of those times. The brief information provided on the tomb had already been grasped by the descendants. When we arrived at the excavation field, the dead body had already been pulled out of the coffin. The tomb included single wooden coffin within it, which was further encapsulated by the outermost LSMB. Thanks to the records in the Lineage Book of the Gangneung Choi Clan, the contents inscribed upon the tombstone and the other historical documents, we could obtain a personal profile of the mummified person and his family members. The founder of this clan