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Mummy Congress in San Diego

 Oh at Universal Studio At Universal Studio  Poster  In the session  Oh wins the prize in AAAS meeting  With Dr. Ildiko  Oh in bay Blues brothers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I, and Mark Spigelman organize the symposium in Mummy Congress held in June, this year. Call for Papers: DNA and Associated Biomolecules in Mummy Research Organizers: Mark Spigelman (Sydney, Australia) and Dong Hoon Shin (Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea; email: ). Sponsoring organization: 7th World Congress on Mummy Research. DNA and associated biomolecules form an important and growing part of research associated with mummy studies. A discussion of the progress and future direction of this science will help mummy researchers to better understand how this type of investigation could assist workers in the field and also contribute to a better understanding of the life and death of mummies. As