Dr. Vasant Shinde: RTD

Dr. Shinde (Dept of Archaeology, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute) performed his lecture in our Round Table Discussion on Nov 5, 2010.

Below is the abstract of his lecture.

The period between the Stone Age and the Early Historic period was considered to be the “Dark Age” in Indian History. However, the discovery of the Harappan Civilization, the first Bronze Age Culture of South Asia, in the twenties of the last century pushed back the antiquity of the settled life in India by two thousand years at one stroke. This was considered to be the greatest archaeological discovery of the twentieth century in the Indian subcontinent. The development and spread of agriculture and pastoralism in South Asian are complex phenomena that have taken place over the course of more than 9000 years. “First light on a long forgotten Civilization” was probably the first reference to the discovery of the today well known “Harappan Civilization” of the Indian Sub-continent by John Marshall in his article in the Illustrated London News dated September 20th 1924 to the western world. Today, this Urban Civilization known for its unique town planning, script, trade contacts with the Mesopotamians and Egyptians, well developed craft techniques etc. is the focus of popular academic debate not just within the sub-continent but international academic circles especially since even today we have not been able to decipher their writings......,

Archaeologists, anthropologists and other experts joining in our work have a good times in the lecture and the dinner time. Dr. Shinde and we also talked about the collaboration between two sides, possibly on the samples from Harappan civilization.


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