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Paleoparasitological Mapping in Korea Started

Supported by National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, we began the mapping of paleoparasitological findings in Korea. Anyway, even if we already published some papers on ancient parasite eggs or larvae from archaeological samples in Korea, we did not know exactly how well ancient parasite eggs preserved in old samples; or what provinces or districts they were found. To collect the fundamental data for forthcoming related studies, we began 3 year project of mapping- paleoparasitological mapping in Korea (Yr 2010 to 2012). During the period, we collect the samples of different time and district in Korea, performing microscopic examination on them; and in some cases, we will proceed to molecular analysis on them. Since we already were successful in DNA sequencing of several parasites from ancient samples, this seems not to be so difficult. Dr. Min Seo, my colleague in paleoparasitology, will do as PI for this project ; and my team will join this work. The first round of

In-depth interview

In-depth interview about me, my lab, and paleopathology was published in Joong Ang Daily, English newspaper in Korea. For more information, please click