Academic meetings attended

It was very busy days. For the last two weeks on May, I attended at three different academic meetings held in two different cities (Seoul and Pusan), Korea.

First, I have lectured in 18th Federation Meeting of Korean Basic Medical Scientists (May 21, 2010; at National Museum of Korea). The lecture subject was "Paleopathology and Ancient DNA Works." After the meeting, I had happy times with other forensic scientists and anatomists of Korea.

The meeting was held in National Museum of Korea, the place where science meetings were rarely held.

My lecture

Next, I was attending at 53th Annual meeting of Korean Association of Physical Anthropologists (Jeongseon, May27-28, 2010). My lab presented two reports on ancient DNA and paleopathology (all the presentation was done in Korean).

1. Report of our interdisciplinary collaborations on anthropological examination of Joseon people remains until the first half in 2010 (2010년 상반기까지 수행된 조선시대 사람에 대한 학제간 고병리학 연구의 현황보고) by Shin DH, Oh CS, Seo M, Lee SJ, Lee SD, Kim MJ, Kim YS, Kim DK, Lee IS, Han SS (신동훈, 오창석, 서 민, 이상준, 이숭덕, 김명주, 김이석, 김덕겸, 이인선, 한선숙)

2. Extraction, amplification and sequencing of ancient DNA from trematode parasite eggs found in medieval Korean tombs (조선시대 사람에서 발견된 흡충류 기생충란에 대한 고유전자적 분석) by Oh CS, Seo M, Lee SJ, Lee SD, Kim MJ, Shin DH (오창석, 서 민, 이상준, 이숭덕, 김명주, 신동훈)

Finally, I also joined to the annual meeting of Korean Society for Legal Medicine (Pusan, June 4, 2010). This meeting was my first time ever I have attended. Legal medicine doctors hosted this meeting (they issued the certificate of specialists of forensic medicine in Korea). I was in the meeting to see if we could join to thes society meeing in the furue.


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