Multiplex SNP Assay on the Ancient Human Samples from JDHSC

We started the work on multiplex SNP assay on the samples from Joseon Dynasty Human Sample Collection (JDHSC). By the analysis of SNPs in the male-specific region of the Y-chromosome (MSY), we could get the fundamental information helpful for understanding the origin and history of Korean people which will be inferred by our forthcoming studies.


Methods used:

Bouakaze C et al. First successful assay of Y-SNP typing by SNaPshot minisequencing on ancient DNA. Int J Legal Med. 2007 Nov;121(6):493-9. Epub 2007 May 30.

Sanchez JJ, Endicott P. Developing multiplexed SNP assays with special reference to degraded DNA templates. Nat Protoc. 2006;1(3):1370-8.


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