Making the Map of Ancient Parasite Infection in Korea

Paleo-parasitological studies have been very rarely performed in Asian countries. Though we also started to report the paleo-parasitological findings in Korea, there is still a long way to go for elucidating the infection prevalence of various parasite species in ancient Korean population. To reach the goal, the samples from various archaeological sites in time or geographic perspectives should be examined by us. However, most of samples we have examined were from the provinces around Seoul City, which put the blocks on our efforts on getting comprehensive information about paleo-parasitology in Korea.
Starting this year, we will expand our sampling wok throughout the country of Korea; do the parasitological examinations on them; and finally make the Map of Ancient Parasite Infection in Korea by which we could check the ancient parasite egg species of certain regions and periods.
For this, we will collaborate with archaeologists in Korea and use various techniques (i.e. molecular biological technique) other than microscopic examinations for retriving much information from the samples.

This study will be performed in cooperation with Dr. Min Seo, Dept of Parasitology, Dankook University College of Medicine, Korea.


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