Sampling in Construction Site of New Seoul City Hall

Oh CS and Lee SJ did the paleo-parasitological sampling at construction site of new Seoul City Hall. Many constructions have been nowadays planned and performed in areas of Seoul Metropolitan City, making the streets or buildings in the city renovated. Abide by  a law in Korea, archaeological investigation should be done before contruction/renovation begins; therefore, during the investigation, soils from geological strata could be sampled by us, for paleo-parasitological examinations. Below is another case for such a parasitological sampling performed in Seoul Metropolitan City area.

Date: Dec 10, 2009
Sampled by Oh CS and Lee SJ
Location: Construction site for New Seoul City Hall
Archaeologists involved: Hangang Institute of Cultural Heritages
Obtained samples: 14th-19th century soils precipitated in each geologic strata


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