aDNA Sequences from my Lab

Trichuris trichiura

1. 20091218 Tri_SSrRNA.sqn  : Trichuris_SSrRNA GU339222 (By Oh CS) *Published in JAS:  "Amplification and sequencing of Trichuris trichiura ancient DNA extracted from archaeological sediments"

Ascaris lumbricoides

1. 20091218 AS-18S.sqn : 18S_rRNA(Ascaris) GU339223 (By Oh CS)
2. 20091218 Ascaris_cytb.sqn : Ascaris_cytb GU339224 (By Oh CS)

Human mtDNA
Ht, haplotype; Hg, haplogroup; JD, Joseon Dynasty

For Ancient Korean Samples

Human autosomal STR


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