Graduate School

Classes and Courses

Archaeological Education
Archaeological Education

Medical Science: Basis for Anthropology
801.101A Human Anatomy
801.112A Pathology
801.205A Parasitology
801.2301 Medical Terminology
801.503 Experimental Techniques 1
801.501 Research Methodology in Medicine
801.798 Seminar in Histology
801.511 Advanced Anatomy of the Nervous System
801.3311 의학입문자를 위한 우리몸의 구조이해

801.502 Medical Statistics
801.2502 SSPS-applied basic statistics

Physical Anthropology and Paleopathology
801.2608 Recent Progress in Ancient DNA Study
801.2607 Recent Progress in Paleopathology
801.2403 Topics in the Research of Physical Anthropology

Lectures on Forensic Anthropology
801.724 Forensic Traumatology
801.722 Practice of Legal Autopsy
801.721 Methods of Postmortem Examination
801.723 Mechanism of Death
801.851 Forensic Genetics 1
801.852 Forensic Genetics 2
801.2405 Introduction to Forensic Science 1


Genetics and aDNA analysis
Forensic DNA Typing by Butler JM
Genes IX by Lewin B
Molecular cloning by Sambrook J

The Human Bone Manual by White TM and Folkens PA
Archaeology of Human Bones by S Mays
Identification of Pathological Conditions in Human Skeletal Remains by Ortner DJ
Forensic Anthropology Training Manual by Burns KR
Forensic Anthropology: Contemporary Theory and Practice by Komar D and Buikstra J

Histology (801.798 Seminar in Histology)
Histology: A Text and Atlas by Ross MH
Manual for Seminars in History by SNU Dept Anatomy

Paleopathology: Medical Perspective
Robbins Basic Pathology by Kumar V
Emerging Pathogens by Greenblatt C and Spigelman M
Medical Microbiology and Immunology by Levinson WE and Jawetz E

Mummy Studies
The Scientific Study of Mummies by Aufderheide A.


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