Vietnam Meeting

Oh CS partipated in 19th Congress of the The Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) held in Vietnam (Nov 29 to Dec 5, 2009).

Below is the abstract presented by Oh CS.


Shin, Dong Hoon, Paleopathology lab, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea

For several years, our interdisciplinary research team, including specialists in anthropology, paleo-parasitology, paleo-pathology, radiology and molecular bioarchaeology, have examined specimens collected from archaeological sites in Korea. When samples were discovered during archaeological excavations, archaeologists and researchers from our team cooperated to minimize contamination of specimens by modern contaminants (i.e. modern DNA etc.). We then examined them under sterile conditions in our lab, and selected samples ideal for biological studies. Using these samples, which are maintained in our Human Sample Collection, information helpful for understanding the lives and diseases of ancient or medieval people in Korean society was obtained. Briefly, we identified the parasite infection prevalence of Korean people in the past, through examination of the soil samples from archaeological sites. Our aDNA research team was also successful in sequencing aDNA from pathogens (i.e. viruses) of humans found in the archaeological sites. Radiological studies were also undertaken on skeletal or mummy samples, for clues of ancient diseases of the subjects, while minimizing serious damage to them. Our studies, aiming to elucidate scientific clues useful for interpreting archaeological sites in Korea, are strengthened by the collaboration between researchers from different specialties.

This session will present results from the research of the following researchers:
Oh, Chang Seok (Paleopathology Lab, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea)
Bok, Gi Dae (Department of Korean History, University of Brain Education, Korea)
Park, Jun Bum (Hangang Institute of Cultural Heritage)
Lee, Soong Deok (Department of Forensic Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea)
Kim, Yi-Suk (Ewha Womans University, Korea)
Kim, Myeung Ju (Department of Anatomy, Dankook University, Korea)
Seo, Min (Department of Parasitology, Dankook University, Korea )


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