My Colleagues

Myung Ho Shin
He is a historian. Anyway, we desperately need him because he could provide us with invaluable historic information, very helpful for undestanding the health or disease of the dead individuals. According to him, Joseon is a well organized, highly developed society in medieval times of Korea. His viewpoint seems to fall in place because many unbelievalbly detaied informaton had been provided by him, which could be only available in societies with plenty of historical sources. A few years ago, we consulted with him for getting some historic information on oyster production during Joseon Dynasty. This was beacuse we found some parasite eggs in several hundred year old female mummy, and the immediate host of the parasite was oyster. For this, he showed what we want, the past record on oyster production of the time; and much astonishingly, was successful even in finding the candidate dishes which might cause the parasite infection, only by searching for the old documents of Joseon Dynasty!!! We should cooperate with highly-reputed historians for our successful mummy works and paleopathological studies. Dr. Shin is the one. He is studying on Korean History (especially on Joseon Dynasty); and currently in Dept of History, Pukyung National University, Korea (Professor). E-mail to him

Eun Joo Lee
If there were not any textile researcher studying on the clothing of Joseon Dynasty, every cultural or human remains from medieval tombs could not be successfully secured. About 40 years ago, some pioneering textile researchers started to investigate into the clothes from the tombs; and maintained them in their labs or institutes. After then on, many textile researchers have tried to elucidate invaluable information whenever they found medieval clothes in the tombs. Anyway, their work is closely related with our works because interdisciplinary work from various research fields is needed for getting invaluable information from well preserved, mummified cases. Dr. Lee EJ is one of the leading figures of the young school textile specialists in Korea. Anyway, we should always cooperate with her lab and other colleagues whenever the mummified individual was found in archaeological fields. Since well preserved clothes were always wrapped around the Korean mummies, removal of clohtes should be done by close cooperation of both side labs; and during which, clues for reconstruction of textile history could be secured by her lab; and contamination minimized biological samples for our authentic aDNA analysis could be obtained by us. Dr. Lee is currently in Dept of Clothing and Textiles, Andong National University, Korea (Professor). Though there are many works for which we have collaborated, one of the most notable paper might be this published in AntiquityE-mail to her

Myeung Ju Kim
He was graduated from Gyeongsang National University College of Medicine; and got trained in Dept of Anatomy, Seoul National University (MD., PhD). When I was graduate student in SNU, he was also studying in the same department. And currently both of us are doing the same work on mummy studies and Paleopathology. As seen in the left figure, he is also a great singer. Dr. Kim MJ is currently in Dankook University College of Medicine (Associate Professor). E-mail to him

Min Seo
He was one of my classmates in medical school. Anyway, during school days, he was famous for his unique inspiration, which is still his trademark even by this time. After graduated from SNU college of medicine, further studied in Dept of Parasitology of the same university (MD., PhD). All the parasitological samples obtained from archaeological fields in Korea were examined by him. Anyway, without his help, we could not make any paleoparasitological achievements until now. He dreamed of finding a extinct parasite species in ancient samples; and examined all the samples from the countries around the world (Please see him playing with camels in Mongolia!!!). I believe he could accomplish his dream. He is currently in Dept of Parasitology, Dankook University College of Medicine (Associate Professor). E-mail to him


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