Links to Ancient DNA and Forensic Genetics Sites

Links on Ancient DNA and Forensic Genetics Sites
*STRBase: STR DNA Internet Database
*Mitomap: A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database
*mtDNA manager
*YHRD: Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database
*Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab (AFDIL)
*Y Chromosome Consortium
*Human Genome Project Information
*Landmark HGP Papers
*Phylogenetic Network Software Download
*Mammalian Genotyping Service
*International Society of Forensic Genetics
*Tel TTAGGG telomere length assay
*Telomeric 1.2 in Fox Chase Cancer Center Bioinformatics
*International HapMap Project
*Array Designer
*Primer 3
*AutoDimer Software

Links on Archaeology
*Archaeology Conferences Worldwide
*Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
*Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog

*FDI World Dental Federation: Two-Digit Notation to identify teeth with a number


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