Lab Setting

I have run my own lab for the past 10 years. Therefore, conventional setup for biological experiments is already available in my lab, i.e., microscopic observation, immunohistological studies, in situ hybridization, PCR, and Western or Norther blots. Sequencing is also available in IFM where a number of sequencers are in full operation. aDNA works are done on human mtDNA, autosomal STR and Y STR in my lab. PCRs for ancient parasite, viral or bacterial could be also performed. Though it might be too crampled for comport experiments, the instruments or reagents in my lab are arraned for effective experiment on ancient samples.

One of the most crucial points in our lab setting is making them fit for aDNA analysis, by following the Criteria of Authentication (Hofreiter et al. 2001, Marota & Rollo 2002, Willerslev & Cooper 2005). Briefly, the distance between aDNA extraction or PCR preparation rooms of Building A and main PCR lab in Building B is about 60 meters. On 4th floor in Building A, there is not any lab performing PCR amplification of modern DNA. The rooms for aDNA extraction or PCR preparation were separated from our main lab where we did PCR works. The rooms were equipped with night UV irradiation, isolated ventilation, or laminated flow hood. The researchers in our lab should follow instructions in Criteria of Authenticity (Hofreiter et al. 2001, Marota & Rollo 2002, Willerslev & Cooper, 2005). None could enter into aDNA extraction or PCR preparation rooms without permission.


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