How can you access to us?

1. Finding the lab in Google Map
Red arrow points to my lab.

Enlarge the Map

2. Searching the subway route

If you are staying in one of hotels in Seoul City, it would be convenient for you to access my lab by subway because of heavy traffic in this city. Subway in Seoul is clean, quiet, safe; and always takes you to any destinations exactly on time. The subway route could be searched at this site. To find the way to my lab, just select the name of your "departing" station; and choose "Hyehwa" for your "arrival station" ("departing" and "arrival station" bars on the left corner of the map page). The page will show you the shortest course to my lab. You can print it (See the print button in the upper right corner of the page). 

3. Buying the subway ticket

Most of Korean passengers pay their subway fares with credit or SMART card (exclusively for subway charge). Just contacting the cards on the gate is enough for them. However, you need to buy the ticket for today's trip.

4. From Subway Station "Hyehwa" to Our lab

To reach my lab, you should be out of station via Exit No 3 where you can find the signboard for Seoul National University Hospital.

Signboard for Seoul National University Hospital at Exit No 3 of Hyehwa Station
The Gate to Seoul National University College of Medicine. You can find this after 1-2 min walk from the station.
You should enter the gate to find the main building of Seoul National University College of Medicine. At this point, turn to the right.....
And go ahead, please.
Turn to the left again
Yes, this is my office and lab (post PCR lab).


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