Exhibition in Seoul Museum of History

Anyway, human remains found in archaeological fields of Seoul could be moved to our lab for further anthropological study on them. Eunpyeong Site was one of these. The people buried in the place were thought to be living in Seoul City during 16th to 18th centuries. And sampling at the site was done by interdisciplinary work of archaeologists and anthropologists. Part of the samples from the site are currently maintaining in our Joseon Dynasty Human Sample Collection. Seoul Museum of History plan to held the exhibition for the site (Nov 4 2009 - Dec 13 2009); and our human remains were also displayed there as the examples of paleopathology cases (Kyphosis; Osteoma in the skull; Costovertebral joint fusion) found in the site. To see the news, Please click here!

Seoul Museum of History

Exhibition Room in the Museum

Exhibition Room in the Museum


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